A guide to buying a bong

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For a beginner, buying a bong can indeed prove to be a daunting and a difficult procedure.  Deciding the shape, thickness of the glass and percolators need to be decided before the appropriate bong is selected and purchased.  Bongs are usually available in form of straight bong, beaker bong and recycler.  The straight bongs have a dense smoke and can be cleaned easily and more quickly while the beaker bongs tend to have a large capacity due to their shape.  Recylcers are used for smoking concentrates which recylcles water.  For a beginner it is always recommended to use a straight bong.  

The thickness of a bong determines how long the bong last.  In case of having clumsy friends using the thickest glass is appropriate while in case of the individual is the only user, we recommend 5mm glass.  The significant thickness allows the bong to not only generate the required amount of smoke but also attain a level of durability.  

Percolators are amongst the most difficult to decide while buying a bong as no specific kind has preference over the other.  Many users usually buy the one they find most suitable base on appearance of the perc.  The presence of a percolator allows perfect filtration as the tiny holes in it provide smoothness. The different types of percolators include honeycombs which have great filtration and minimal drags, tree which are quite similar to honeycombs but ten to have lesser diffuse holes for better air flow.  Turbines are similar to shower heads in terms of filtration but they produce comparatively greater air flow.  Inlines are the least popular choice amongst the percolators as it produces an average air flow.  

Apart from the various parts and aspects of the bong itself, the attribute of cleaning the bong also plays an important role in deciding which bong is most suitable.  Using a bong and sharing it with others demands that it is cleaned frequently and the residue which eventually gathers on the wall is cleared.  In case of an extremely simple bong, cleaning and washing it piecewise is not a huge ordeal however if the bong has many percolators attached to it, cleaning can prove to be a tedious affair. 

While buying a bong, all the various aspects need to be considered carefully before a decision can be reached.  As the decision is often a difficult one, starting with the simplest bong is always a safe option. 

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