Types of Bongs

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Bongs are significantly famous and commonly used instrument when it comes to smoking herbal products.  The different types of bongs available tend to have different factors and benefits attached to them which attract the users.  

1. Glass 

The most popular form of pipes is glass bong as the glass creates a smoother and cooler hit for the user allowing them to avail the intake of the substance to the maximum.  High temperature resistant glass is also good for heat withheld thus making glass pipes the best material to craft bongs. 

2. Plastic

Plastic bongs are also a famous form of pipe present in the market.  Unlike glass bongs, plastic bongs tend to be string and sturdy allowing the users to keep them for a longer time.  As they do not need to be used delicately, the plastic bongs tend to be used frequently.  However, plastic bongs are not good for smoke or heat withheld and offers limited art pieces comparing to glass art. 

3. Ceramic

The decorative and colorful bongs available are usually the ceramic ones.  The designs and the materials used in making ceramic bongs tend to give the piece extra weight however it is used mainly for decorative purposes and can also be used as a smoking bong.  The shape and sizes in which ceramic bongs come are highly assorted and the creativity in making them give the bong a unique attribute.  Moreover, ceramic bongs required highly craft work thus not many artist are able to produce a high quality product. 

4. Bamboo

Just like bamboo water pipes, bamboo bongs are a traditional form of the specific pipe.  The bamboo used allows the bong to have a beautiful finish along with being extremely strong.  First seen in Qing dynasty of china in the early 6th centuries, bamboo bongs remain as one the most widely used bongs.  Despite being a form of traditional bong, high end bamboo bongs are sold at high ticket prices and are a good combination of strength and finished. 

5. Metal

Although, using metal in order to make a bong does not seem to be suitable option considering the fact that the metal is tend to heat up upon being exposed to flame, the material is still being used.  The metallic bongs have undulating strength and also have rugged and cool appearance.  The bongs do not tend to break very quickly and can be used for a longer period of time.  Despite being a different choice of a bong, metallic bongs are often sold at standard rates. 


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