How to use a bong?

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The water filtration device is often used for smoking tobacco and many other herbal substances as the bong allows air to flow from the lower port to the upper port.  After making the appropriate and required bong, it is always recommended to fill it with the herbal substance in small pieces.  Crushing the herbal substance along with removing any present seeds allows the substance to be used at its maximum capacity and prevent any wastage. 

Following the formation and the filling up the pipe with water, the procedure and tips of how to use the bong correctly need to be discussed.   Holding the bong in the non dominant hand along with its neck and placing it on a firm and flat surface like a table or the ground prevents any possibility of having an unstable pipe and thus leading it to fall off.  In case a flat and solid surface is not present, stabilizing the bong by keeping it between the legs or on the stomach is preferred.  Rather than placing the mouth all along the mouth piece, it is considered good water pipe etiquette to place the lips inside the piece.  After drying and wiping the mouth, the smoker is supposed to place their lips inside the mouth piece and create a vacuum, preventing a slobber to be made all over the bong. 

In order to successfully lighten the substance present in the bong, while placing the edge on fire, the smoker must also inhale the heat.  Doing this simultaneously causes the fire to travel inside the bong and thus enlighten the substance.  If the user does not inhale the substance, it will heat up from the warmth that reaches the inner parts of the bong causing a significant time to be taken in doing so.  After the substance catches the flame, it tends to glow causing the chamber to fill up with smoke.  The smoker is supposed to put off the flame at that precise moment but continue inhaling.  Inhaling slowly is the key to gathering the substance at its fullest.  Rather than taking too much of the substance it is always recommended to take short gasps of breath.  After taking in the smoke, retaining it inside the mouth would not be beneficial and thus the smoker needs to exhale immediately. 

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