How to Clean a bong?

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Using a dirty bong is bound to contaminated the substance and thus make the experience extremely unpleasant.  In order to get the bong comp completely disinfected and clean following a proper method of cleaning is important.  To being with, the bong needs to be washed with water.  Fill up the bong with hot water allowing it to reach up to all the holes present.  Draining the water allows any solid substance to be drained out.  After getting rid of the solid substances, the cleaning of each part separately needs to take place.  

The bong has to be disassemble including the mouth piece and pipe.  Dissembling takes place.  From the hole at the base of the bong, add coarse salt and rubbing alcohol into the bong allowing it to be completely filled.  After plugging the holes to prevent any form of leakage, shake the bong vigorously causing the salt and alcohol and mix and be spread out through the piece.  Using the fingers to clean the openings of the holes is also important for maximum cleaning.  

The coarse salt and alcohol mixture allows any smoke or the bacteria have to be removed efficiently.  IN order to get rid of the violent taste and the pungent smell of the mixture, cleaning the bong with warm water is necessary.  The process of rinsing the bong with water needs to be carried out multiple times before the smell and taste go away.  

To get rid of the stains and to clean the tough areas, in a bowl of warm water add significant amount of dish washer and let the bong soak for about an hour.  During the time the bong is being soaked in the water, the smaller pieces can be added into a reusable, sealable plastic bag.  Fill the plastic bag with water and coarse salt and let the pieces remain submerged in the mixture.  Cleaning the small pieces with cotton balls or cotton sticks allows the maximum amount of cleaning to take place.  Adding a mixture of lemon juice and water and shaking it throughout the bong allows the individual to get rid of the nasty taste and the odor which is mostly due to the different materials used.  Finally after rinsing with water, the bong needs to be assembled and is then ready for being used.  


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